Stefan Radu Cretu  


 Born on 26 january 1983, Romania.

2006 BA at University of Visual Arts and Design, Cluj Napoca, ceramics department

2005 Socrates Erasmus study mobility, Fine Art Academy. Wroclaw, Poland

2008 MA at National University of Art, Bucharest, Sculpture department

2016 PhD, at National University of Art, Bucharest

Lives works and in Sibiu, Romania.

“The idea of locomotion and movement is an important source of inspiration therefore I will explore it in a wide range of aspects. For the beginning I study the natural means of locomotion, which imply movement of all kind: terrestrial, aquatic or aerial and, at the same time, I perform a comparative analysis with the artificial means of locomotion. After many attempts to motivate my research through my personal projects and achievements, I began to utilize movement in various proportions that are related to the natural-artificial source of inspiration, I have reached a synthesis, which I now express both in a three-dimensional and a two-dimensional form. In order to emphasize the value of the objective, the minimization and the abstractionism are also present.

   These studies bring to the forefront the relationship between fragmented organic forms and artificiality, which are both tackled in a contemporary way that is kept in the present by the topic itself, as well as by the technological aspects involved.

   At times, the final image may occur an ironic character which targets the technological limitation that is in a state of zero-gravity before the gravitational phenomenon. This is where I intervene by miming certain solutions of exploiting the relationship mass-inertia, by annulling the gravitational force via solutions related to flying or levitation.

   All these aspects represent a metaphor through which I mean to bring to a close look idea of human fragility in its physical and cognitive evolution.”