Stefan Radu Cretu was born in 1983, in Campina, Romania. He studied at the Art and Design University in Cluj and graduated from the Ceramic-Glass-Metal department in 2006. In 2005 he received an Erasmus grant  at the Fine Art Academy, Wroclaw, Poland. In 2008 he achieved his master degree in sculpture at the National University of Arts in Bucharest. In 2013 he became a PhD candidate in Visual Arts at the National University of Arts in Bucharest.
The force that has in present times the greatest impact over people’s lives is technology. Still the continued progress proved to be deceiving. It didn’t always coincide with the real needs of the human individual. Progress has created a complex human being, with more material needs, a human being which is more interested by the artificial and the fruitless.
A complicated man, always disgruntled, less secure of himself, less free. He has renounced at that what is essential for him, to become an artificial being. This man is no longer the creator of technology, but one that is dependent and controlled by it. Stefan Cretu’s works emphasizes this obsession with progress, this fusion between nature and technology that seems to be more and more the final goal of humankind. The evolution obsessed man makes many errors in his attempt to improve nature and sometimes these errors are carried away to the extreme. Our return to nature and its technologies doesn’t mean that we are involving to a more primitive life style or that we are giving up progress in its entirety, but reflects more a suggestion for simplicity. This arcadian existence will give man a greater certainty, freeing him from the burden of the futile and absurd elements of everyday life.


Solo exhibitions
Possible evolution, Victoria Art Center, Bucharest
S T O N E A G E of emotional technology / Epoca de piatră a tehnologiei emoționale, Calina Contemporary Art Space, Timișoara, Romania
Sensus Propero, 418 Contemporary Art Gallery, Bucharest
Disambiguation, Palatele Brâncovenești Mogoșoaia, Bucharest, Romania
Oestridae Dominant, 1990 Project, Free Press Square, Bucharest
Paratarrasius Hibridus, 418 Contemporary Art Gallery, Bucharest
Poarta in casa, Stadt und Kreisbibliothek Heinrich Heine, Schmalkalden, Germany
Fermuar, Rusciori Park, Rusciori (Sibiu)
Portile cuvantului, Fedes Hall (Irecson Institute), Bucharest

Group exhibitions
Group exhibition, Casandra Vidrighin Studio, Sibiu
Space in tranzition, Weltkultur, Sibiu
Rezolutie pentru / despre o capitala culturala, Rezolution for / about a cultural capital, Calina Contemporary Art Space, Timisoara, Romania
Contemporary art Ruhr (C.A.R.), Essen, Germany
Cetate – Workshop at the Danube VII, 418 Gallery, Bucharest, Romania
Transformation. Romanian Sculpture 25 Years After the Revolution, Museum Beelden aan Zee Harteveltstraat Scheveningen, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands 5 November – 8 February 2015
The Fair for Contemporary Art, 418 Gallery at Koelner Liste, April 10-13
(En)counterpoint, The Art of Living, Pop-up Art Gallery, Bucharest
The Retrospective Exhibition Cetate – Workshops at the Danube 2008-2013, 418 Gallery, Bucharest
Cetate – Workshop at the Danube IV, 418 Gallery, Buchares
Fur&Skin, Art Yourself Contemporary Art Gallery, Bucharest, Romania
Lipsus, Raku 25 Gallery, Sangeorz Bai, Romania
Destination moon, Piedica’n talpa group, The Council Tower, Sibiu, Romania
Forma si dialog, Raku25 Gallery, Sangeorz Bai, Romania

Cetate – Workshop at the Danube VIII, Barbu Druga Castle, Cetate, Romania
Cetate – Workshop at the Danube VII, Barbu Druga Castle, Cetate, Romania
Cetate – Workshop at the Danube VI, Barbu Druga Castle, Cetate, Romania
Cetate – Workshop at the Danube V, Barbu Druga Castle, Cetate, jud. Dolj
European music and art festival, Mazieres de Touraine, France
Ars et sequentia, Culture Festival, Monchenholzhausen, Germany
Cetate – Workshop at the Danube IV, Barbu Druga Castle, Cetate, jud. Dolj
Caravan of culture, Regionale 10, Festival of contemporary art, Austria
Cisart, Symposium of contemporary art, Cisnadie, Romania
Plastic Schmalkalden, International art symposium, Schmalkalden, Germany
The art of culture, International symposium of contemporary art, Rusciori, Romania
Beelden aan Zee Museum Harteveltstraat Scheveningen
Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

Private collections in USA, Canada and Germany